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New University Study Shows NutriSphere-N Significantly Reduces Nitroge...

Research by the University of Missouri, the University of Kentucky and the University of Georgia proves that NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager helps keep more nitrogen available in the soil for your corn. And a new University of Missouri s...

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New Study Shows Wheat & Double-Crop So...

A recent Clemson University study1,2 indicates adding a patented, water-soluble copolymer to phosphorus (P) application improved yield, plant growth...

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Effective Phosphorus Management Is a...

For many farmers, proper management to help prevent the essential nutrient phosphorus (P) from getting locked-up in the soil is “an issue that just...

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Field Progress Report

Agriculture is an ever-changing industry with each season bringing another crop planted and another harvested. Each month SFP takes a look back and...

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Danny Olson - Nebraska Producer

Danny Olson - Nebraska Producer

Location: Franklin, Neb.
Years farming: 30

Caring for the land and growing quality crops takes commitment to plant and soil health. Second generation farmer, Danny Olson, utilizes a comprehensive fertility program and conservation tillage to make the most of each acre. Located in southern Nebraska, Olson, along with his wife and son, raises corn, wheat and grain sorghum.

Crop fertility

For Olson, crop fertility begins with soil sampling. On his two irrigated pivots, he uses grid sampling and applies fertilizer through variable rate technology. For his unirrigated acres, he collect...

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